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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Infants, Toddlers, and Cold Medications - a Dangerous Combination?

Recently, news stories have been popping up about the dangers of cold and cough medications when administered to toddlers and infants. It's rather alarming to read the statistics: over 1,500 infants and toddlers were taken to emergency rooms and three died over a two-year period. The thing they had in common: They were all given cough or cold medications.

When our children get sick, we want to do whatever we can to see their discomfort end. It's especially hard when our children are too small to understand why they feel so bad. This is the time we should be extra-vigilant in how we treat what ails our little ones. That means reading all the warnings, indications, and instructions on any medication we may be considering. It may also mean we can't give them the quick fix we so desperately want to give them.

Most cold, flu, and cough medications are not suitable for any children under the age of two. That can be frustrating to a parent looking for a solution. The best thing to do is to call your doctor, even on off-hours and weekends, or talk to the local pharmacist if you have medication concerns. Ask what you can do to alleviate discomfort safely.

If you're dissatisfied with the lack of products safe for small children, turn to natural cures. When your children are healthy, spend some time preparing for when they're not. Do a little research on things like homeopathic medications, safe herbs, or home remedies. Talk to the staff at a local health food store, or get a book such as "The Doctors Book of Home Remedies." Then make sure you're stocked up on whatever you'll need, so if a cold or flu hits, you're prepared - not scared. You'll be amazed at how much easier it will be to soothe and care for your baby or toddler if you feel confident about the remedies you are able to offer.

Always remember the most important thing is to use caution when treating colds and flu in your children. If you are prepared to battle those nasty viruses in the most natural, safest way possible, you'll never have to look back with regret. Instead, you'll feel good about your decision to treat your children with nature's cures. What's more, the only side-effect will be smiling, healthy kids and relieved parents!


Piana Nanna said...

This seems like very sound advice. Thanks for the heads up.

Tracy said...

You are so right! And always make sure your thermomter is working! The battery operated ones don't last too long. I just spent a day with a sick 3 yr old, running a fever, with no thermometer. She is okay now, but I felt nervous judging her fever without the thermomter. I probably gave her the fever reducer faster than I would have. Once my kids are past the baby stage, I let them run a fever up to, but not past, 101. It helps them fight off the sickness. You really have to watch what you're doing though. When they start to get up towards 100, I check them every 15 minutes. My kids don't spike quick temps, so I can safely do this. If your child is under three and/or spikes high fevers quickly, don't try this. This is an example that not all home remedies come from the store.