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Thursday, January 18, 2007

More on Cradle Cap

Not too long ago, I posted an article on cradle cap. I had indicated that I started using pure liquid glycerin soap for my son's hair and that it was working very well. To update you, it's still impressing me as the best natural solution to washing baby's hair. Although it doesn't have a pretty perfume smell, the results are wonderful. Even better, the cradle cap is gone!

I was noticing no new buildup on my son's scalp, but the old buildup was still there. Afraid to scrape at it because it might hurt or make things worse, I was sort of hoping it would start coming out on its own during washings and combings. That didn't happen - until I found a finer baby comb. (Note: I didn't try to remove what was still attached to his scalp - only what was caught at the base of his hairs. Picking it off the scalp is not advised.)

The comb I'm using now has small closely-spaced teeth that, when I comb his hair, simply lifts off the old cradle cap buildup. I couldn't believe how much came up from his scalp from one combing. I washed his hair first to soften the scalp, towel dried until his hair stuck up like a baby orangutan, then gently combed his hair. I repeated that the next day, and to my surprise, his scalp is beautifully clean with nary a scalp crud to be found!

I just wanted to share this small victory with you, in the hopes that it will help any of you along who might be battling the same scaly little issue.

Note: I am sorry to say liquid glycerin does not work so well on adult hair. Imagining my own locks to resemble my son's gleaming tresses, I dumped some on my head and scrubbed away. When my husband returned from work, he took one look at my new do and asked, "What happened to you? You look like a shrub." I think I'll stick to Burt's Bees.

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