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Thursday, January 03, 2008

How to Calm a Fever After Vaccinations, and Other Hints

One of the worst parts of getting babies vaccinated is the knowing, or not knowing, what is to follow. Will there be crying? Sleeplessness? Crankiness? And those are just your own side effects! What about baby? Many babies end up feeling like they have a touch of the flu, and it's not uncommon for a baby to run a slight fever. There's one natural remedy that can help ease a baby's fever after vaccinations. Just a couple drops of peppermint or chamomile essential oil in a bath is not only soothing to the discomfort after those shots, but it can get baby through that feverish part a little quicker.

If you're like me and you obsess over the side effects and toxins that are sometimes present in vaccines, there is a homeopathic remedy that can be used called Thuja. Get the tablets at 6x strength and administer those two times daily for 2 - 3 weeks after the injections. It is said these tablets help remove the excess toxins from the body. A good health food store should be able to point you towards the correct tablets. Remember, homeopathic tablets just melt under the tongue, so it's nice and easy for little ones! They're usually sweet tasting too.

Ask your doctor what side effect to expect, and which ones are serious enough to come back into the office. When babies and young children get their vaccines, they'll sometimes feel achy and feverish for up to 24 hours. This might come across as crabbiness, tiredness, or fussiness. So be extra patient, give lots of cuddles, and plenty of kisses until it's all over. But if anything about your child's behavior raises those parental alarm bells, call your doctor, no matter how silly the concern. It's better to be safe than sorry; and that's one old adage that really stands true for parents.

(Note: Look for my up-and-coming review of Dr. Sears' new Vaccine Book.)


dawn224 said...

Excellent, tomorrow is Prevnar 3 so I think I'll try this :) Thanks

mama k said...

I'm interested in hearing your review. We do delayed/selective vax so DS thankfully hasn't had any fevers or other reactions. I am curious about the homeopathic remedy for detoxing though. I'll have to look into that more.

Jill said...

Hi Diane,
This review came just in the nick of time. My daughter had vaccinations yesterday, and I tried the chamomile essential oil in her bathwater as soon as we got home. She never developed a fever, and she normally keeps one for at least a day after vaccinations.

My health store didn't have Thuja...they said they'd order it for me, but I'm going to try another closer to work today.

Do you have recommendations for a good food for people who are just beginning with homeopathic medicine?

Cheers! --Jill

katesaab said...

I'm kind of surprised you vaccinate considering how much you are into all natural parenting. You should watch the film by Dr. Sharrie Tenpenny on vaccines. It is VERY enlightening.