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Monday, December 31, 2007

Wooden Toys and the Christmas Aftermath

Well, I suppose my living room looks just like yours about now. Something like an explosion in Santa's workshop. The toy selection on our floor looks like what you see on nostalgia-inducing Christmas cards. That's because we gave our son lots of wooden toys this year. I've got to say I'm so glad we went that route because these toys have really caught his attention, and I mean for more than the standard five toddler minutes. Unintentionally, all the toys we bought for him were from Melissa & Doug. (They were even sold at our grocery store here.) The Melissa & Doug company didn't ask me to review their stuff, and I'm sure they don't know I exist out here in the blogosphere. But I had to share the Christmas shopping success with you because I'm so happy with the toys, and there was so much toy concern for all of us this year. We didn't have to assemble a single blessed thing. And aside from a little shrinkwrap, there was no monster "unboxing" to be had. Everything smelled like fresh pine when we opened it. What, I ask, is more Christmassy than that? I think the best part is my son plays with his toys instead of him watching battery operated toys doing all the playing for him.

Now that all the presents have been opened and kid tested around your house, do you have any that stand out as real winners? What ended up being the favorites?


Gruppie Girl said...

My kids have played with the Melissa and Doug food sets for years. Pizza, cake, cutting food, food groups and sushi. They are timeless!

As for my kids favorite toys of Christmas 2007. Little Guy will not take off his Patriot's long-sleeved shirt. I have been sneaking it in the washer at night. My Girlie loved the bear stuffing kit that she asked Santa for.

Qtpies7 said...

I love the Melissa and Doug toys. But wood toys would not be good at my house because they hurt when they are thrown at you. We have them at church, and the kids LOVE them! I would get them here, but I babysit.

Michelle said...

I don't thinik they are M&D's but we got a bunch of play foods, some of which were wooden block . .we love it too!

Homemom3 said...

That's funny, we kind of did the same thing but ours were the type of toys...all electronics which is perfect for road trips. However, as far as a messy house it is a messy van for us as we are in hotels right now.