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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cleaning New Baby Teeth - To Brush or Not to Brush

Someone forwarded me a news story the other day, and I wanted to pass it on. As my son's mouth seems to sprout a new tiny perfect tooth every other day, I've really been wondering: How much am I supposed to be cleaning in there? I personally use a little toothbrush with rubber nubs on it as opposed to bristles, and he doesn't mind at all. In fact, the sensation makes him giggle. I figure it's good to get him used to me being in there now, so when he's got a mouthful of teeth, he won't protest.

This article talks about the increase in tooth decay in very small children, so it's an important one to take a look at. Here it is!

1 comment:

~Jennifer said...

Good article. My last two children have had extensive early tooth decay, not so much because of sugary treats, but because I breastfed them for a long time through the night. I think breastfeeding, and nighttime feedings snuggled up together are wonderful things, I just wish I had been aware that it could cause so much damage to my children's teeth.