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Friday, April 27, 2007

The Impossible Task of Clean

Are you drowning in unfolded laundry? Has your kitchen counter been lost? Are the dust bunnies beginning to threaten the dog? If so, there's a good chance you are an overwhelmed mom. I, too, struggle from a bad case of housecleaning blues. But I have been working to come up with solutions to dig my way out of the clutter.

Several months ago, I did an entry called Is There Rest for the Telecommuting Mommy? Although I have often swayed from my own advice, the one I keep returning to - the one that really works - is the list on the refrigerator. I had offered that making a list with only one housecleaning task assigned per each day of the week would make it a lot easier to keep up on the usual vacuuming, laundry, and general cleaning. I still find this very true. As long as I do my one little chore each day, Saturday is no longer the clean-till-you-drop day. And when, say, Monday comes around, I know that's when I vacuum. If the ironing isn't done, too bad. Ironing isn't for Monday. I'm off the hook!

One suggestion I've heard many times, one I'm now really taking to heart, is this: Whenever you pass through a room, look for something to take with you. For instance, you're on your way to the baby's room and you notice a baby sock (why do those end up everywhere?) on the coffee table. Take it with you. You're that much ahead for later. I am home all day, and I move a heck of a lot. I've really noticed that when I stick to this little tip, it's amazing what gets put away - and what I've overlooked for an embarrassingly long period of time. (Like that 9-volt battery on the end table. What the heck was that for, anyway?)

These sorts of tips sound great, but they're even better if you commit to them. With a small amount of effort, you can save yourself from running in frustrating circles later. Who knows? You might even be able to knock off a few of those mutant dust bunnies!


Piana Nanna said...

I love lists on the fridge. I also have been picking up things on the way by for many years, and encourged my family to do the same. Another routine of mine is to clean one room at a time, instead of the whole house. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to say the family room is done!! Then tomorrow it's on to the bedroom or maybe the bathroom(s). That way I can focus on details, not just a quick pass over, and not feel so overwhelmed.

Talina said...

I am also a fridge list person! I also try to do the when you pass through a room thing.. My biggest issue is the kitchen- it's impossible to keep clean- unless you just don't use it!