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Monday, December 10, 2007

Is it the Death of Childhood? The Poisoning of Junk Culture

My husband found this article in The Daily Telegraph, a British paper. I found this article fascinating, full of food for thought for us parents. IS junk culture poisoning our children? You tell me what you think.


Scribbit said...

I'll have to go read it, it sounds intriguing--and I try so hard to keep my kids from being inundated with pop culture. T.V., radio, computer, interent, ipod, cell phones--it's just too much.

Marie said...

As a grandmother, I have now lived long enough to have experienced and seen the change in the way children play, study and grow up. I am one hundred percent in agreement with this article. All I can say is, "here, here"!

dawn224 said...

I'm not sure I understand when children were ever "just children" though. If I look back at my great great grandmother who was married at 15 and had her first of her 8 children by 16 - where was her childhood? I read Little House books and see that they were doing chores from the time they could understand instructions. While I agree that modern culture is just a big bowl of self indulgence, I'm not sure I can get on board with the idea that our children are being forced to grow up any sooner than any other generation.

Diane said...

Good food for thought, dawn224. I remember those Little House books too! They did grow up fast in the ways of responsibility, and they definitely had a hard life. I guess I see the loss of childhood going to a different brand of a loss of innocence than in the past. But yeah, even my grandmother got married unbelievably early!