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Friday, November 09, 2007

Weird Things You Should Know About Your Newborn

My best friend is always on the lookout for interesting news articles to pass on to me for my blog. This one from CNN News is no exception! It covers things we discuss here a lot, like cradle cap and baby acne, and a few things I've not discussed like (gasp) baby boobs! So if you're expecting soon, hop on over and read the article. It could save you some unnecessary concern. Heaven knows a new mom doesn't need any added worry!

Oh, and I haven't forgotten the orzo recipe I promised yesterday. Although Little Guy didn't scale the walls yesterday as anticipated, he has started a horrible bout of teething. I'm not exagerrating when I tell you he has about six teeth coming in! He hasn't had a new tooth in about six months, so I guess he's playing catchup. But the orzo recipe is coming so check back. (Thanks to my best friend for that too!)

Also, don't forget to check out that vacation contest at Mike's Travel Tips. It's a relatively new blog, and it's their first contest. So if you enter, your chances are darned good for winning a free trip for two, with a nice choice of over 60 locations.

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Rick said...

Free Trip? I'll check it out. Thanks