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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Your Hobby as a Lifeboat!

You may have noticed that the last week or so, I've had only two measly posts. Informative? Yes. Captivating? Of course! But hopelessly short, with not even a photo to amuse you. It's got me thinking how important hobbies are to moms. And how we shouldn't let go of them, because then we're letting go of ourselves in some way.

Us Mommy Bloggers are often in the same sort of mothering boat, so busy paddling our families along that we sometimes forget to sit still and let the current take us for awhile. Our boats are filled with laundry, baby rattles, and dinner dishes, frequently so overloaded that we push ourselves to the back of the boat to be buried underneath it all. This is about where I've been sitting in the boat lately. Where the heck did I go? Can you see me there, peeking out around a pile of diapers? Yes, that's me - the tired looking one with no makeup.

If you're hanging out in the Mommy Blogshire, chances are you're here because you enjoy reading and writing. Most likely, those two activities are an important part of who you are. I'll just bet, if you're like me, erasing those two items from your daily life make you a very unhappy boat rower. So here is my little reminder to you and to my overworked self to not forget time for ourselves. Sit in a corner of the boat with your journal or that lonely paperback you keep waiting next to the bed. Heck, get out in the dingy for awhile and let someone else row, even if it's only for a few blissful, uninterrupted moments.

Maybe you're a scrapbooker. Lots of you out there. Or maybe you make flower arrangements or study Karate or snake charming. Whatever it may be, don't forget it or think of it as a waste of time. Grab hold of it as a lifeline! I know whenever I get swept away with my daily responsibilities, a good 30 minutes devoted to a hobby recharges me like nothing else. I'll fight the couch potato urge and do something creative instead. Man oh man, I can float the rest of the day on that well-spent 30 minutes!

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to end this post so I can go and reflect on what I just said. Because this poor little entry took me four days to finish! I shall put the "Do Not Disturb" sign around my neck and not do a blasted "responsible" thing for a whole 30 minutes - I promise.

1 comment:

Marie said...

And a well-deserved 30 minutes it is. Entertaining us is the same as babycare and laundry. But we come in last place unless it is fun for you.