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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kiss Dry Skin Goodbye!

The first few years of your child's life are probably the only ones he'll hug and kiss you with reckless abandon. The first time my son wrapped those chubby arms around my neck and engulfed my cheek with his mouth, I just melted. And I'm not even speaking of the effects of his drool!

But that brought some concerns to mind (see "The Hum"!). What face lotion had I used that morning? Did I really want him eating it? I'd long been concerned with the ingredients for my own health, but now my chunky monkey was chewing on them.

I've always believed there's a natural solution to all our physical needs. I can't imagine God thinking, "Too bad they have dry skin. I guess they'll have to wait for someone to invent Oil of Olay." Instead, we have countless plants, herbs, and oils to experiment with and learn from. In many cases, the simplest, purest solution is the best solution. Take, for instance, my favorite lotion.

I used to fork over copious amounts of money to purchase "natural" face lotions, tonics, and other general magic in a bottle. The prices were steep, but I loved the results and I felt I was doing the most for my skin. Then I started learning about parabens, preservatives, and other icky additives. But when I became pregnant, I knew I wanted to keep things natural. Somewhere in the back recesses of my brain, I had stored the fact that women use coconut oil to prevent stretch marks. I don't know where I heard it originally, but no matter. I purchased some. (It took some looking to find coconut oil without added stuff, believe it or not. I learned it's best found with the cooking oils, and not in the health and beauty departments. Look for organic.)

It wasn't long before I was using coconut oil for things other than my increasing stomach. I found it works wonders on freshly shaved legs. After those wonderful baby kisses started, I discovered using a small amount of coconut oil on the face absorbs quickly, leaving no oil, and improving skin over time. The best part? It's moisturizer for your whole body for about $7 a 14-ouce jar! (What department store sells their lotion for 50 cents an ounce???) I also experiment with melting smaller amounts and adding a drop or two of an essential oil for a natural fragrance. It makes a nice scented body lotion, and when I run out, I whip up another "flavor".

Now my little darling can munch his mommy's cheeks until he reaches the age it's just not cool to like your mom so much. I sure hope that's a long, long way off - but whatever that age, this mommy will have great skin and a youthful, dewy glow!


Marie said...

Grandmothers can use it also, just in case chunky monkey decides to plant one on her!

Diane, please stop by my blog, I have given you an award. Thank you.

Karen said...

Is the coconut oil solid, since you said you can melt some of it and add essential oil? I love the pure stuff, and with both previous pregnancies I used cocoa butter on myself - super soft and no stretch marks! I just have to get around to picking some up for this pregnancy!

Deborah said...

oooh... excellent tip. I've been frustrated with moisturizers lately. I'm going to try this! Thanks Diane!

Diane said...

Karen, to answer your question, the coconut oil is a solid, but it melts to a clear liquid almost instantly when you touch it. When I add the oils, I take a glob out of the jar with a spoon and then heat it just a little on the stove. It solidifies again when it cools. It's a pretty interesting consistency!

laundrylessons said...

Great idea! My friend just sent me a web site where you can put in any product and find all the bad stuff. I need to do a better job with my lotion. I seem to alternate between a very natural jojoba oil and vitamin e then back to some stuff that is supposed to make my wrinkles disappear. Thanks for the great idea.

Vivian said...

Not sure about the exact price comparison, but its worth looking into purchasing coconut oil by the gallon from a wholesale place such as people who sell soap making ingredients. I bought a gallon of the stuff a few years ago while trying to make my own natural soaps. I likely spent about 25 bucks or something for a hand labeled gallon of the solid at room temperature, yumming smelling stuff. (Hint: I also purchased cheaper essential oils this way, which I drop a few scents in my cleaning water when moping, the vacuum, just about anything - though I never thought about it with the coconut oil for body lotion, that's awesome! It's cheaper getting it bottled from a wholesaler than the store with pretty labels.)