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Friday, June 08, 2007

More Pre-Walking Angst

Mommy is so tired.

As my toddler practices toddling, I'm finding myself in the precarious position of hoping he learns to walk soon, all the while knowing I'll only end up chasing him down later anyway. Over the last two weeks, my little monkey has wobbled through the house and yard as I bend over him, holding his hands, my lower back protesting and dreaming of Ben Gay. My home looks like a tidal wave has washed through it, as I can do nothing but hold the wiggly hands of a little one trying to take those first victorious steps.

I've mentioned the sleep schedule is completely out the window. I find myself lying on his bedroom floor at all hours, using his Boppy for a pillow. (Not bad, but alas, the back continues to weep.) Setting my son in the play yard makes him whine. Setting him in the high chair makes him shriek. (Imagine Steve Tyler with his hand in a vice grip.) Setting him down, with any other purpose but to practice the walk, is futile.

So I improvise. I'm a busy girl. Certain things have had to slip by the wayside, but I'd at least like a path through my house. Hence, I've put my son to work. With my assistance, he walks his dirty bibs to his hamper, takes glasses back to the kitchen, and throws away all those silly subscription papers that fall out of magazines. We put away toys, pick little thingies out of the carpet as we pass, and stop to pet the doggies. I pretty much just walk the little guy to wherever I have to go. I'm not insane - I know the ironing just has to wait and that dinner will become a painfully simple affair for awhile. But at least I keep the clutter to a level I can tolerate. And my son is hopefully learning some cleaning skills in the meantime. Because let me tell you, once he starts walking, I'm going to need some serious help around here.


Jess said...

Note to self: Never allow my child to walk.
I hope your back feels better soon!

Opal: Vegan Momma said...

Oh do I remember those days. That is very smart to get your son into the habit now if he's anything like my daughter it will continue. I had her doing the same thing. She now feels proud of what she can do.

Marie (FKA Piana Nanna) said...

You're very wise. A trained helper is a good thing especially when number two comes along. "Honey, please get me a diaper and will you please pick up the Binkie?" Get him while he's young.

Tracy said...

Mine used to like to use the full laundry basket - bulldozing it around the house. Glad you're not using a walker. The physical therapists I've worked with say it develops an abnormal gate pattern where the child actually walks slightly on the sides of their feet.

Stam House said...

thanks for the post!, evry season of raising children comes with a fair amount of tireness but also great joy!