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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Why Organic? A Few Good Reasons to Go Natural

I know what you're thinking: It's more expensive. It's hard to find. Sometimes it looks funny, and there's usually real dirt on it. We're talking organic produce; but there's more to it than slightly smaller apples and potatoes shaped like Richard Nixon. So what's the deal with organic produce anyway?

Anything certified as organic needs to be produced without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, and genetic engineering. That's scientific mumbo jumbo for "it's real." Organic fruits and vegetables are more nutrient as well. For instance, studies show that organic broccoli contains more calcium and magnesium than broccoli that is not organic.

A fantastic reason to go organic is the avoidance of insecticides. There are two insecticides in particular that are quite common on fruits and vegetables, and feeding your children organic protects them from these chemicals which are linked to the disruption of neurological development in infants and children.

One of my favorite reasons: It tastes darned good! Organic fruits and vegetables often have a much better flavor. Personally, I find the carrots so much tastier, the bananas sweeter, the apples more flavorful. My son gobbles up his homemade organic baby food. Well, except for the peas. There's nothing to be done about that. But I know I'm offering him the best of the best - the safest, healthiest, tastiest way to grow to enjoy fruits and vegetables. So grab that shopping basket. Who knows? You may just find an organic pomegranate shaped like Lyle Lovett.


Anonymous said...

You mentioned that you may even find dirt on your veggies? Did you know that there are several good things about dirt. Antioxidants are found in dirt too. By washing everything so heavily at the factories and spraying with pesticides depletes natural enzymes found in the dirt. So next time your in your garden my friends, take off the garden gloves and get some dirt under your nails. Your skin can absorb the nutrients too!!
Niffty Sissty

The Anonymous Mama said...

You bet I like that dirt better! You're right - it's actually healthy. And real. On your ordinary produce, dirt could contain all sorts of icky pesticides, but on organic it's actual soil full of minerals. Thanks!