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Friday, April 20, 2007

Baby Food Recipes - A Step Beyond Purees

Tired of pureed peas? Hankering for a little variety in bib stains? Here are a few simple recipe suggestions good for babies who are old enough to have a little texture in their diet:

Veggies and Pasta Italiano (for 10 - 12 months):

Using equal quantities steamed green beans and carrots, grind in food processor or blender until you get the desired consistency. Prepare very small pasta, such as organic whole wheat or rice pastina, according to package directions. (I use slightly less than the quantities I use of green beans and carrots.) Drain pasta and mix vegetables and pasta together. Freeze if desired.

Fruity Patootie (6 months and up):

Peel, core, and boil one apple and one pear until very soft. Mash or mix in blender until smooth. (For older babies, leave a little chunky for texture.) Mash one half a banana for younger babies, or cut in small pieces for 10 months and up. Stir into mixture.

Baby's Special Stew (10 months and up)

Mix together equal portions well-cooked lentils, small pieces steamed green beans, and small pieces steamed carrots. Add some steamed pureed peas until you have a stew-like consistency.

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