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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Recipe Onslaught

When I started The Mommy Spot, I also started another blog called Nature's Kitchen. Nature's Kitchen is a place I post recipes featuring whole foods and healthy cooking that can be done simply. I originally thought that blog would be my focus and this one would be off to the side, but I was wrong. The Mommy Spot has been a lot of fun and so rewarding that it wasn't long before Nature's Kitchen was getting set to the side, neglected like a sick houseplant. But I enjoy the recipes, and people who know me keep asking why I'm not putting more recipes out there. Then I got the big "Aha".

The Mommy Spot is all about health, raising your children in a wholesome way, and making a natural way of life as simple as possible. Well, we gotta eat, don't we? Why not bring the recipes over here where I can share them with the natural mommy crowd? (Besides, I can alleviate some guilt - it won't be tragic if I only add one or two recipes a month here, whereas on the other blog it was looking kind of skimpy.)

So check out the Recipe label in the sidebar and start cookin'! I'll leave Nature's Kitchen up for those of you who like to visit, but the new stuff will be posted here. And don't worry - I'll still be cranking out the goods on natural cures and home remedies for babies.


Piana Nanna said...

The recipe idea is a nice touch. I'll enjoy checking them out. I have added the link to my sight which features recipes made with herbs.

evelyn said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. Being from Singapore, I'm just wondering how you managed to find mine???

BTW, I read your posts and feel that we have much in common :-)


The Anonymous Mama said...

You're in Singapore? I will certainly find it interesting to see what natural remedies are used in another part of the world! I found you on Technorati. I like to find other bloggers out there with similar interests. I'll keep checking in on yours too! Thanks!