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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Feelin' Kinda Crummy - Natural Fever Reducing for Baby

Looking for safe and natural ways to reduce your baby's fever? There are a few good remedies, but first remember: A fever isn't necessarily cause to worry. Fevers are nature's way of fighting off infection and illness. If your baby is over three months old and the fever is below 102 degrees, it's not always cause for concern. However, any baby under three months with a fever should see a pediatrician right away, just to be safe. Or if a baby of any age exhibits lethargy, vomiting, or irritability, call your pediatrician.

Bath Time
Try a warm bath to bring down that fever. They're actually better than a cool bath, as cool water can reduce the fever too quickly. Allow your baby to sit in the tub until the water starts too cool, and then towel him off thoroughly.

The Wipedown

Using warm water, wet a washcloth and wipe down your baby gently. Not only will this ease the fever, the gentle interaction can soothe some fussiness. For some extra calming, use a warm, mild chamomile tea instead of plain water.

Fluid Intake

Make sure your baby is getting plenty of fluids. Offer formula or breastmilk more often than normal. If your baby is breastfed, offering water isn't necessary, but formula-fed babies may benefit from a little water in a bottle. Just make sure it doesn't replace a regular formula feeding.

So what's a normal temperature, and what's not? I got this handy list from Ask Dr. Sears, and I'll share it here:

Normal: 97 - 99F (36 - 37.2C)
Low-Grade: 99 - 100.9F (37.3 - 38.3C)
Common Fever: 101 - 103.5 (38.4 - 39.7C)
High Fever: over 103.6F (over 39.8C)

Most importantly: Follow your gut instincts, moms and dads. If something just plain doesn't feel right, call your pediatrician immediately.


Angie S. said...

Great article. Love your site

Tracy said...

AnoMama, you are right on target yet again!