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Friday, November 10, 2006

The Telecommuting Mommy - Part III (or Calgon, Take Me Away!)

And here is a picture of me dwelling in my life of leisure after a long hard day of shopping, cha-cha lessons, and - oh, wait. That's in my dreams. My real life is that of the telecommuting mommy.

Telecommuting moms have one really big hurdle - when do we have time to ourselves? Although a whole hour devoted to whatever our hearts' desire is something rare, snagging a few minutes here and there throughout the day may be just the ticket to turn us into mellow mommies. Here are a few ideas to choose from when diaper changes and conference calls get you down:

Look out the window a moment. What do you see? That, my dear, is the outdoors. I know, you hardly ever get out. Well, what are you waiting for? Drop that computer mouse and go sit out there for five minutes, maybe ten. If your kids are old enough to be running around out there, run with them. If your tot is tiny, bundle the baby according to the weather and just sit and enjoy the view. Five minutes may not sound like a lot, but those UV rays will work their magic. If you live in the frigid North, the fresh air will perk you up and give you a new view of things. Weather too inclement? Not a problem. Just prop that door or window open and breathe. Don't forget - it's for five whole minutes.

Take a hobby break. Don't have one? Get one - quick. Hobbies can actually lower your blood pressure a few notches. Make sure you pick something that isn't going to require large lots of time. Heaven knows we don't have that, and you don't want to frustrate yourself by not being able to get to that favorite pastime. Maybe you like to read. Keep the book nearby for a five-minute reading break. If you knit, crochet, or sew, these are very handy hobbies. Just think - after several little breaks, you get yourself a scarf or a potholder. (Or if you're as good a knitter as I am, you'll have half a scarf or a baby hat that won't fit any baby head you've ever seen.)

The last and best of all is to take a kid break. I know, I keep finding ways of sneaking this one into my blog posts lately, but these are the moments that remind us of why we're doing all this in the first place. Hug and kiss those kids, cuddle them, tickle them, take a good look at their little faces. If that doesn't give you a charge and a fresh burst of energy, I can't imagine what else will!

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