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Friday, November 03, 2006

Kids II is #1 in My Book

My son has a favorite toy - a little butterfly that giggles and makes boing noises when he moves the wings. Its butt also lights up - added charm. We bought it for him because he was so enamored with it at the store. So when it started acting up recently, I decided to email the manufacturer, Kids II, and ask them if there was a way to fix it. (It wasn't a safety issue, just for the record.) I didn't expect to hear back from them, but I figured at least I'd try.

Today I received a kind response from a consumer sales representative informing me she'd be sending me a new one. I am all a-flutter.

Kids II makes the popular Baby Einstein products and a great little thing we have called the Bounce Bounce Baby. Baby sits in the middle of a ring with his feet on a platform that bounces as he jumps. It's an activity center with all sorts of things to occupy. It's full of lots of bright colors, smiling critters, and of course more boing boing noises.

I've been impressed with their toys since registering for baby shower items, and I'm even more impressed now that we've not only been able to try them, but we know they back their products as well. Thanks, Kids II!

Note: While visiting the Kids II website, I noticed they also make the Boppy. Who knew?


Brood Mare said...

My kids have loved the Baby Einstein videos. Did you know that many children's videos/shows/movies are not good for babies' developing brains as they jump from scene to scene about every 3 seconds or so. This "short circuits" the attention center of the brain and, viola', attention problems can develop. The experts recommend little or no T.V. time for babies. These were some of the only things I let my kids watch before the age of 2. What a great company.

Brood Mare said...

P.S. - I meant to explain that the Baby Einstein videos are VERY slow paced and remain on the same scene for extended periods of time - making the viewing like real life - as you would see the room around you if you turned your head from side to side.

The Anonymous Mama said...

I do have the Beethoven DVD. I know, we try and hide the tv from our baby's view if it's on. I noticed the Baby Einstein stuff doesn't have lots of scene changes. They say the fast-paced scene changing is not only bad for babies, but for adults with depression, etc. as well! Thanks for the comments!